Pello Lizarralde

Pello Lizarralde (Zumarraga, 1956).

Pello Lizarralde first came to prominence through a collection of poems titled Hilargiaren hotzikarak (The Chills of Moonlight, Ustela, 1978). This work is the Gipuzkoan’s only publication in poetry, after which he mainly worked in narrative. Since then, he has published seven novels and two books of short stories. These include Larrepetit (Erein), a novel which won the 2003 Euskadi Prize.

He has also worked in translation. He is responsible for the adaptations of Natalia Ginzburg’s Hirira doan bidea (The Road to the City, Igela) and Arratseko ahotsak (Voices in the Evening, Igela), as well as Gianni Celati’s Denak hasperenka (Everyone Sighs, Igela).

In 2020, he published Argiantza (Erein), a novel set in the 1980s which marks the beginning of the end of filmmaking after the emergence of video technology.