Iñigo Astiz

Iñigo Astiz (Iruñea, 1985) is a Basque journalist and poet. He has published several poetry books, including Baita hondakinak ere (The Remains Too) and Analfabetoa (The Illiterate), as well as one children’s´ poetry book titled Joemak eta poemak (Pames and goems), illustrated by Maite Mutuberria,  which was awarded the Basque national literary prize. His poetry has been analysed and anthologised in Basque and Spanish books and journals. He is also the author of a chronicle called Kixotenean (Rikardo Arregi Journalism Prize), and has created the picture-books Haserrea (Anger) and Kixkur (Curly), in collaboration with the illustrators Leire Salaberria and Mikel Valverde. He has also edited an anthology of Sandro Penna´s poems with his own translations and he has also translated Sylvia Plath´s Ariel and Other Poems into Basque. He has written lyrics for several highly-regarded Basque musicians such as Eñaut Elorrieta, Gari and Jabier Muguruza, and he has also received critical praise for his live poetry performances.