Maite Toledo Saralegi

She has worked in many fields of literature: poetry, travelogues, short stories, essays and comic strip scripts. She has collaborated in several media outlets and literary magazines.

She has participated in several multidisciplinary projects, in the areas of Basque and Spanish. Also abroad: She has combined exhibitions and their editorial processes, to connect the contents of literature and contemporary art. She loves the order, aesthetics and authenticity of things.

She has published two books: Jet Lag and Hemen. And the essay Tekno-turismoa (Techno-tourism) too. And a comic book titled Ametsaren Aro Berria, Manuel (The New Age of the Dream, Manuel). Translated into Spanish, French, Portuguese and English.

She has received several prizes, including the Nikolas Ormaetxea “Orixe” Poetry Prize.