Construction Material

Eider Rodriguez

Susa 2021
256 Pages
Original title: Eraikuntzarako materiala
ISBN: 978-84-17051-80-8
Translated into: click here

Sand, cement, lime. How to frame the absence? How is he not standing? Even when he was, was he often about to fall? A father who sold everything he needed to build houses. An alcohol-soaked father.

The narrator of this book begins the story with the tension of death. It is about to arrive, it will arrive, and the daughter will try out a way of caressing with words her father, whom she has seen so many times struggling to get up from the sofa, who would cross the street swaying from side to side and gain strength in the darkness of his office. To create a memory of what happened together and individually.

Horses, a swimming pool, people on the street, a warehouse which had been a second home, a fire, tiles, letters home from military service, an apartment in Benicassim, petrol, plants. In her first novel, Eider Rodriguez incorporates various snippets of a father’s life. Immerse yourself in an extended decline over time, and, in the face of those who cannot be named, illuminate a vast area.

Eider Rodriguez

1977, Errenteria-Orereta.

She studied advertising and film and holds a doctorate in literature. She was an editor and scriptwriter and now teaches in the Department of Didactics of Language and Literature at the University of the Basque Country.

She has published one novel (Eraikuntzarako materiala, Susa, 2021) and four books of short stories: Eta handik gutxira gaur (And shortly after today, Susa, 2004), Haragia (Meat, Susa, 2007) Katu jendea (Cat people, Elkar, 2010) and Bihotz handiegia (A heart too big, Susa, 2017).

Besides short stories, she has also worked in other literary genres: the literary essays Itsasoa da bide bakarra. Joseba Sarrionandia irakurriz (The only way is the sea: Reading Joseba Sarrionandia, Utriusque Vasconiae, 2014) and Idazleen gorputzak: egiletasuna ezbaian literaturaren joko-zelaian (Writers’ bodies: Authorship in the field of disputed literature, Susa, 2019); the graphic novel Santa Familia (Holy family, Ikastolen Elkartea-Xabiroi, 2017); and in children’s literature, Nikoleta eta gaua (Nikoleta and the night) and Oilasko hegalak (Chicken wings).

Eider Rodriguez

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